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When you're within a program or service, you'll see links to step-by-step help and FAQs. Some of the specific help areas available include:

Navigating the Site

Below you'll find some frequently asked questions and answers about finding what you need.

Which Web browsers are best for viewing the College Board website?

This website can best be viewed using the browsers listed below. Without a compliant browser, you may have difficulty accessing many of our features, including SAT registration and K–12 educator information. For the best viewing experience, you should have cookies enabled. See our privacy policy to learn how we use cookies. Here are the recommended browsers and links to websites where you can download them:

What's the quickest way to find something?

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Here are some of the site's main sections. They can be reached from College Board's home page and in the top navigation on many pages:

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You'll also find our Site Search at the very top of each page, all the way to the right.

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Is my personal information safe?

Any personal information you share is securely managed and protected. For more information, please review the College Board website's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See also: information on telemarketing and internet scams.