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How Starbucks Serves Its Students
More than seventy percent of Starbucks employees are students or aspiring students. Thanks to the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, they can now earn a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University — with full tuition reimbursement for all four years.
Happy 30th Anniversary ACCUPLACER
This year, ACCUPLACER celebrates its 30th anniversary. Throughout its three decades, ACCUPLACER has provided institutions with immediate and accurate results on their students’ strengths and weaknesses in core subjects, while delivering reliable data to aid in college course placement.
Supporting Parents on the Journey to College
The College Board is hosting a monthly webinar series to help parents support their children during the college planning process. Sign up today!
Jim Montoya Named Chief of Membership, Governance, and Global Higher Education and Secretary of the Corporation
As of August 1, Jim Montoya has been promoted to the role of Chief of Membership, Governance, and Global Higher Education and Secretary of the Corporation.
Trustee Pam Paulson on the Importance of the Arts
"I often say that in the arts, you are probably better prepared for the future because most of your jobs will be created by you. You’re often at the bottom of the heap as an artist and arts educator, and you often don’t have a lot of money, but you always have an inner focus and passion for imagining, creating, innovating, and making your own path."
Register for College Board Forum 2016
Join the College Board and fellow educators for Forum, a cross-professional conference dedicated to educational opportunity, college readiness, affordability, and student success.
Three Things We Learned From AP Students at APAC
At the APAC closing plenary, students from the 2016 AP Districts of the Year talked to attendees about their AP and college-planning experiences.
A Hearty Celebration for AP’s 60th
Trevor Packer, an AEI researcher, the cofounders of SmartHistory, and three students shared their AP stories at this year's APAC plenary.
Improvements, from A to P
At this year's AP Annual Conference, Trevor Packer gave attendees an overview of upcoming AP developments and led a robust conversation about potential changes further down the road.