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Teacher Talk: Reflections on AP® Participation from Salt Lake City, UT



James Zucker
George: As usual, you are amazing. Great inspiring story. This gives me a lot to think about how to increase our participation and help students. Thanks for this.
Kathleen Kavet
George ,,, you are the best! You continue to inspire, teach and support grateful, and often exhausted, AP teachers. Thank you my friend. Kathleen
Michael Jankanish
Mr. Henry; In the meantime, what were all the AP Students with high academic skills doing in your classes? Were they challenged to the maximum of their abilities? Or, were they now just in another class, which happened to be called AP? I teach AP US and AP American Gov. in an urban school with similar demographics as yours. I have no barriers to admittance to my classes, except that the class will be taught at a college class level and it will be aimed at challenging the best students. Sincerely, Michael Jankanish
Ruth-Terry Walden
I have had the privilege of participating in one of George Henry's AP U.S. History Summer Institutes. I can honestly say that he is an outstanding educator and role model for African American teachers following in his footprints--George, I am not surprised that you have achieved what you have this past year--All I can say is, keep inspiring all of us to raise the academic achievement bar so that students understand that it isn't the score on the test that matters but it is the life-long desire to acquire and apply meaningful historical and social context knowledge that really matters--Thank you again George for being the educational inspiration that you are--Hope to see you soon!, Ruth Terry Walden, Esq.
Kathy Wolfley
Thank you George for inspiring participants at our APSI in Vancouver. Exactly the message we want to share!
Sridip Nag
George - Sayiing "hello", from South High School - 1988 Alumni.
Shawn Heisey
I was one of your students at South. You might have reason to recall me in particular -- I was one of the first three EQUIP students that you got in AP US History. I was also a member of the final graduating class. I believe I only got a 2 on the History test, but I got 4 on the English and Biology tests that I took the same year. You were one of the most memorable teachers I had. Thank you for everything you tried to teach me.
Tom Carrano
Thanks for the information. This will be my first year teaching U.S. AP. All my students are students of color. Average 5th-grade reading level. I have used SHEG(reading like a HIstorian out of Stanford) lessons with them, so they are used to getting documents in chunks. I struggle with making it fun in general, but now that I have to move fast and cover a lot of ground, I'm a bit concerned about that. In addition, lectures are generally out of the question. Any insights would help. I will see you Monday in San Gabriel, CA. Thanks, Tom Carrano


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