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All Access – News for Members

Computer Science Education Week
The College Board's new AP Computer Science Principles Course played a prominent role in the kick-off event for Computer Science Education Week, an initiative hosted by the National Science Foundation and the White House that took place December 8-14, 2014.
All In Campaign
College Board President David Coleman gears up for year two of the All In campaign with a letter to members on what's in store as the campaign gets underway, and highlighting the accomplishments of the first year of the campaign, including key partnerships, resources, and member collaboration.
All In Campaign
Following his keynote address at the Council of Great City Schools (CGCS) 2014 Annual Fall Conference, College Board President David Coleman joined CGCS Executive Director Michael Casserly to send a joint letter to CGCS superintendents highlighting the importance of Advanced Placement and the critical role superintendents play in the College Board's All In campaign.
Announcing The Atlantic & College Board Writing Prize
The College Board, in partnership with The Atlantic, today announced the establishment of The Atlantic & College Board Writing Prize to recognize exceptional high school student essays that insightfully analyze an important document from U.S. history.
Abierta la convocatoria para la Conferencia del College Board
La Conferencia del College Board, el foro educativo por excelencia en Puerto Rico, se celebrará los días 5 y 6 de marzo de 2015 en el Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino de San Juan. Este gran evento contará con sesiones académicas sobre las últimas tendencias en la educación, modelos, investigaciones y proyectos de vanguardia.
Webinar on Access to Opportunity and the Native American Community
As part of the College Board’s recognition of Native American Heritage Month, members joined Steve Colon, Vice President of Access to Opportunity and Wendell Hall, Senior Director of Policy & Advocacy for a webinar focused on the work of the College Board’s Access to Opportunity Initiative, and how it can better serve the unique needs of the Native American community.
Why take AP Lit and Comp? Former students explain why.
AP Literature Teacher and New England Regional Council member Nancy Barile writes about her experience getting more students to take AP Literature and Composition courses at Revere High School in Revere, MA. Learn how she overcame obstacles and succeeded in doubling her class size this year.
Reflections on Meeting with Obama Administration Officials and Young Men of Color
Board of Trustees member Maghan Keita led a delegation of 10 African American and Latino young men to meet with Obama administration officials at the White House. The young men — all successful AP® Exam takers from the Washington, D.C., metro area — were there to share their experiences and insights with administration officials charged with overseeing the My Brother’s Keeper initiative.
Crechena Wise, Principal of Tetzlaff Middle School
Tetzlaff Middle School in the ABC Unified School District is Los Angeles County’s first magnet middle school to provide Pre-AP curriculum for all students. English language arts and mathematics teachers and school administrators chose SpringBoard as the core instructional program to support the magnet school’s goal of access and equity to college preparatory curriculum for all students.
Douglas L. Christiansen, vice provost for university enrollment affairs, dean of admissions and financial aid and associate professor of public policy and higher education
Douglas L. Christiansen, vice provost for university enrollment affairs, dean of admissions and financial aid and associate professor of public policy and higher education and accepted his nomination as chair of the College Board’s Board of Trustees, and gave remarks about the exciting precipice on which the organization stands during the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Members.