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College Board Announces Unlimited SAT Score Sends for Low-Income Students



Susan (Silanskis) Weingartner
I couldn't be happier!!! Finally. This is exactly the kind of thinking that is required -- in order for things to even begin to level out. Thank you!!!! Susan
Susan (Silanskis) Weingartner
Congratulations! Well done! Thank you!!!
Luckie Daniels
As a single mom, I've struggled this year to cover costs to send 17 SAT/ACT scores + CSS Profiles to the colleges my son applied to. TY College Board for making this a NON-ISSUE for parents & students this spring! It won't help us but will be life-changing for students moving forward. Well done!
Alan H. Cohen
What about low-income international students? They have to pay extra fees for everything...
Betty Van Wagenen
Why can't students who don't qualify for fee waivers BANK their four free scores? Most juniors taking the test aren't sure where they want to apply when they begin taking the SAT in junior year. Why not let them send the four FREE scores when they apply to college in senior year? This policy of the College Board feels very punitive.


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