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College Board Announces Unlimited SAT Score Sends for Low-Income Students



Susan (Silanskis) Weingartner
I couldn't be happier!!! Finally. This is exactly the kind of thinking that is required -- in order for things to even begin to level out. Thank you!!!! Susan
Susan (Silanskis) Weingartner
Congratulations! Well done! Thank you!!!
Luckie Daniels
As a single mom, I've struggled this year to cover costs to send 17 SAT/ACT scores + CSS Profiles to the colleges my son applied to. TY College Board for making this a NON-ISSUE for parents & students this spring! It won't help us but will be life-changing for students moving forward. Well done!
Alan H. Cohen
What about low-income international students? They have to pay extra fees for everything...


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