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The Facts About Test-Optional Policies



Scott N White
This is a REALLY poorly written article. It is generous calling it an article, because that really denotes some minimal degree of scholarship or journalistic integrity. In reality, this is a propaganda piece, with carefully selected examples to push the idea that being test optional is not a benefit to students. The selected colleges discussed are truly the outliers and there is NO discussion of the potential benefits for students or institutions. It does not mention the many studies that show that the students who do not submit scores graduate at similar rates and with similar performance as those students who submit scores. It, (wink, wink), uses an example of a beauty school with 17 students but does not mention that half of the top national liberal arts colleges are test optional, including Bard, Bates, Bowdoin, Bryn Mawr, and I haven't even gotten to the C's yet. See, CB, others can play this game of manipulating and selecting data. This is total trash.
Costas Solomou
I strongly believe that test optional colleges, which include comprehensive research universities, do in fact increase diversity. I also believe that high school grades and academic rigor are the best indicators of college success – a position that the College Board actually supports, but posting studies like this one, “The Facts About Test-Optional Policies,” does not support your argument. It’s patronizing and it feels like this study was produced by a special interest group hired to discourage colleges from pursuing a test-optional policy at their institutions. I think your study is flawed. It’s based on inconclusive facts and appears biased to me. The study that you highlight in your article includes references that actually support a counter argument and includes a co-author that feels a lot like a special interest group.
SAT tests are the biggest time waste for students. The standard of Maths is way below what kids do in school and the rest of the SAT testing vocabulary and comprehension is almost irrelevant for STEM fields. Hope all US colleges become SAT free. Best predictor of student performance is their grades, quality of essay, teacher recommendations and interviews. SAT is a drain on parent's resources and is an avoidable distraction which adds very little to preparing the child for college. The claim that it is an useful tool in predicting performance in College is laughable given the 4 criteria listed above . Let us put an end to this farce and drop SAT as a requirement.


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