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Perceptions of Race and Diversity



Jacqueline Little
Access to diversity should mean that institutions are obligated to make decisions about their enrollment that are proactive about reaching out to all people to give them access to higher learning. It should not mean that perspective students, especially those who are disenfranchised, be required to reach out to perspective colleges and universities, first. To merely speak about race alone is not enough. If we only discuss race, then it gives us an "out" to neglect issues surrounding race like the reading gap, generational poverty, high stakes testing, voting inequalities, and the disparity of funding among school districts. Because these issues are so tightly entwined with race, when institutions of learning consider these variables, they are then made responsible to reach out to those who do not have access. This is not reverse discrimination as is being tacitly suggested. It is giving everyone a chance, thus it is taking responsibility in the progress towards diversity. Let us not be passive about this issue. Discussion is inaction.


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