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November is National American Heritage Month.

Last November marked the 25th anniversary of Native American Heritage Month. This yearly celebration provides a platform for Native Americans throughout the U.S. to share their culture and traditions. In recognition of Native American Heritage Month, we’re highlighting two professional programs at the College Board that focus on supporting Native American student success.

Getting to Know Ericka Miller, College Board's new Chief of Membership, Governance, and Higher Education
All Access got to chat with incoming Chief of Membership, Governance and Higher Education Ericka Miller about what drew her to the College Board, and how to choose the right climate for your next travel adventure.
Current SAT vs. New SAT: Which Should I Take?

This post originally appeared on on Nov. 19, 2015. Read the original here.

The 2015-16 school year is a unique one for the SAT because students in the class of 2017 — today’s juniors — have the option of taking two different versions of the exam.

Students Natural Baptiste, Lucy Tiblier, Jacob Lockhart, Maria Velasco with Doug Christiansen at the College Board Forum
High-achieving students sat down with Vice President of Membership Barbara Cronan at Forum 2015's closing plenary to talk about the importance of education and the obstacles they've had to overcome in their quest for excellence.
"Explore College" Night at Ballou High School Gets Rave Reviews by Staff and Students
The “Explore College” night event at Ballou High School in Southeast Washington, D.C., held as part of Forum 2015, was a success for students who wanted to learn more about financial aid and college admission, as well as for College Board staff.
Challenges and Opportunities in the College Application Process
Considering the struggling state of the economy and the rising costs associated with college, it’s no wonder that Wednesday’s “Contemporary Issues in Admission and Financial Aid” session at Forum 2015 was standing-room only.
Trends in College Application, Admission, Enrollment, Prices, and Payoff
Guest Blogger Kristen Capezza, Executive Director of University Admissions at Adelphi University, captures a morning discussion at Forum titled Trends in College Application, Admission, Enrollment, Prices, and Payoff-- Read Kristen's recap!
James Gaeta, director of financial aid at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas
During this year's Forum, College Board All Access will occasionally highlight interviews with attendees to get their thoughts on the event and the work they're doing in their institutions.
Helping Community College Students Transfer and Attain a Bachelor’s Degree
Guest Blogger Kristen Capezza, Executive Director of University Admissions at Adelphi University, captures a discussion about transfer students, and the ability as leaders in admission to know this population well enough to help them succeed. Read Kristen's recap!

As a parent attending the Trends in College Pricing and Trends in Student Aid event at Forum 2015, here are a few findings in the report that caught my eye.