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#Collegiance Returns: Celebrate Students’ College Decision

For the second year, the College Board is recognizing the hard work of these students with #Collegiance, a social media contest for students who pledge their collegiance in a creative and original way on Instagram.

New Report on Diversity and Inclusion Now Available from the Access & Diversity Collaborative

The Access & Diversity Collaborative has released its new report on diversity and inclusion, titled "Bridging the Research to Practice Gap: Achieving Mission-Driven Diversity and Inclusion Goals".

Check out the full report by clicking here!


A note to our members regarding today’s Reuters article
A note to our members regarding today’s Reuters article
What Does the Research Say on Test Optional?

A panel of experts gathered at the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) meeting in Phoenix last week to discuss the implications of test-optional policies and talk about systematic processes that institutions can put in place to increase college access and success for all students. Jack Buckley, senior vice president for research at the College Board, discussed various claims being made about the purpose of assessments like the SAT.


All Access is excited to announce the upcoming release of Bridging the Research to Practice Gap: Achieving Mission-Driven Diversity and Inclusion Goals, the latest offering from the College Board’s Access & Diversity Collaborative designed to assist institutions in the design and evaluation of their diversity-related enrollment goals.

Turner Named Vice Provost for Admissions, Washington University in St. Louis
Ronné Patrick Turner, member of the Board of Trustees and chair of the National Guidance and Admission Assembly, has been appointed vice provost for admissions at Washington University in St. Louis.
David Coleman announces the College Board's partnership with Khan Academy in March 2014

Nick Anderson of the Washington Post sat down with David Coleman for an article out today about the new SAT and its implications for students. Read the full article here on All Access.

Stacy Caldwell, Vice President of College Readiness Assessments

The following post originally appeared on on March 1, 2016. Read the original here.

On March 5, high school students across the country will sit down to take a new version of the SAT college admission test. Here are some important things they should keep in mind before arriving at their test center.

Panelists at the College Board's Southern Regional Forum discuss how they're expanding college access and opportunity for students.

When the College Board announced that it was redesigning the SAT in March 2014, CEO David Coleman proclaimed, “What this country needs is not more tests, but more opportunities.” At the Southern Regional Forum, higher education and K–12 member leaders shared how they are using assessments like the SAT to further their commitment to student opportunity.

This year, the A Dream Deferred planning committee has amassed a dynamic set of speakers and presenters who will spark lively and necessary discussion of issues of race, inclusion, diversity, and college access for African American students. And if these speakers aren’t reason enough to attend this unique event, we've identified some additional motivation for your consideration.