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When students take a College Board assessment, they have every right to know what information they choose to provide, why we ask for it, and how we may share that information.

Here’s the first thing to know: The College Board collects personal information only to administer tests and deliver educational opportunities to students.

Dr. Cole Honored with Asa G. Hilliard Award
At this year's A Dream Deferred and HBCU conferences in Washington, DC, the College Board honored lifelong educator and humanitarian Dr. Jonetta B. Cole with the Dr. Asa G. Hilliard Model of Excellence Award.
Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College and trustee of the College Board, announced his institution has been federally recognized as a Work College.
Celebrate Students’ College Decision with #Collegiance 2017
For the third year, the College Board is celebrating students across the country who achieved an amazing milestone: getting accepted to college.
Four Reminders from Dr. Terrell Strayhorn
Dr. Terrell Strayhorn delivered an inspiring keynote at this year's New England Regional Forum in Boston.
Help Low-Income Students Access the Promise of AP
Hear from AP students and Trevor Packer on why AP Exam funding for low-income students is so important, and what you can do to help.
Gwinnett County Public Schools Named AP District of the Year
Georgia’s largest school district was honored by the College Board for being a national leader in expanding access to AP courses while simultaneously improving AP Exam performance.
AP Day Celebrated in the Kentucky, New York, Texas, and Virginia State Legislatures
Throughout the month of February, hundreds of Advanced Placement students, educators, and legislators convened in the state capitols of Kentucky, New York, Texas, and Virginia, to celebrate the power of AP.
Dr. Talithia Williams on the small words that propeled her to success
When Dr. Talithia Williams opened the Southwestern Regional Forum, she identified several seemingly mundane things adults said to her when she was a student. Now that she’s a member of the mathematics faculty at Harvey Mudd College, she attributes much of her success to these words of affirmation.
Colorado juniors gear up to take the SAT this spring
An article from the Denver Post discusses Colorado's recent move to administer the SAT to the state's juniors this year. The SAT replaces the ACT as the state's college entrance exam.