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Updates from the Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws and Advisory Structures

The Trustee Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws and Advisory Structures has completed the final report of the Committee, along with the accompanying revisions to the Bylaws of the Corporation. These are presented to the Members of the College Board with the unanimous and enthusiastic support of the Committee and the Board of Trustees.

2017 SAT Suite Program Results

This year’s SAT Suite of Assessments results show scores on PSAT-related assessments increasing across demographics and grade levels, and growing momentum for assessments that deliver opportunity.

West Virginia Selects the SAT as the Statewide High School Assessment

The West Virginia Department of Education has announced that all high school juniors will take the SAT as the statewide summative assessment beginning in spring 2018.

New Language and Cultural Pilot Helps Students Build Confidence

The College Board’s Language LEAP program is a summer language immersion program designed to help students build on the essential skills needed to succeed in their AP Chinese classes.

We Are A Team

A New York City educator reflects on the how the AP program has expanded opportunities for the students in his school.

Reflections from the Graduating High School Class of 2017

Hard-working, innovative, and making the world a better place; that’s how the senior class of 2017 would like to be seen.

The College Board conducted a survey of 27,000 students, one of our largest surveys, from the graduating class of 2017, titled “College Board Survey: On the Road to College—and Beyond,” to gain insight into the students’ college application experience and career aspirations.