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Donald Stewart, PhD, Courtesy of the Spelman College Archives

We were determined to have a president who would not accept current history as inevitable...From time to time you choose to be different because you choose not to atrophy and because you choose to make the world a different place..." - Former Chair, the Board of Trustees of the College Board John T. Casteen III, 1986

College Board Member Community

The College Board membership team is excited to announce a new benefit for members—access to the online Membership Community. College Board hopes that this tool will provide an easier and more accessible way for professionals to engage with College Board membership.


India Global Higher Education Alliance Symposium

At the College Board’s 2nd annual India Global Higher Education Alliance Symposium, leaders from the Alliance’s member universities gathered with prominent experts from the World Bank, Brookings India, Manipal Education Group and the Consortium for Higher Education Research in Asia (CHERA), to discuss how to advance higher education i

Pledge Your Collegiance

Every spring, thousands of students experience the thrill of being accepted to college. Now, many high school students in the class of 2019 are taking an important step on their journey to college: making a college decision. It’s a big achievement, so we want to take this moment to celebrate with them.