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Landscape™: Consistent High School and Neighborhood Information for Colleges

Colleges consider many things when reviewing an applicant, including their GPA, personal essay, letters of recommendation, test scores, and more.

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When there is seemingly so much at stake, it can be hard for students and their families to relax when planning for college.

Far left: Ana Sanchez, in back: Crystal Mejia, center: David Lewis, Far right: Jackie Hoke

As thousands of counselors around the United States join a national movement to support students on their college journeys, counselor Ana Sanchez of Azusa High School in Azusa, CA reflects on just how easy it was to link her students with the College Board Opportunity Scholarships.  “

College Board

The College Board conducted a survey of 110,000 graduating seniors in the class of 2019, our fourth annual and largest survey yet, to gain insight into students’ preparations for college, the application process, financial aid, and career planning.

Steve Bumbaugh

There are roughly two million students with parents or guardians serving in the United States Military, and more than 80% of them attend public schools. Frequent moves and the challenges of having parents deployed across the world makes college planning even more complicated for these families.