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Enhancing Test Security and Expanding the International SAT Administration Calendar



Peter Thyberg
Dear CollegeBoard/Test Security team member, As Test Center Supervisor and US/CAN University Counselor at Auckland International College (AIC - SAT 92510 & CEEB 703078), I desperately/urgently need to know why at least two of my students were barred from the Oct 7th test, in spite of filling in the Verification Form, and one of these is about to be barred from the Dec 2nd test, due to the Form link not working. That student emailed and phoned regarding Oct 7th, receiving little help and none of the promised feedback. I helped him email recently to save the Dec 2nd test, and he has got no reply. Could someone please phone me urgently +6499214516 and leave a message and phone number if necessary?
Wendy Krakauer
And we are supposed to be jumping up and down with joy that we only have two more years of not enough seats due to not enough test dates for our international students.......
Bridget Herrera
This is all positive news. Can you please publish the names of the international advisory group? It would be nice to know who is representing us at these important meetings. Thank you, Bridget


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