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Beyond Scandal to Opportunity



Seeking and searching for advantages and opportunities is not to be forgotten in the process of applying for college, but cheating for those special placements should be recognized as fraud for that is what it is. I am pleased that there is a tool that adjust the meter to read honestly the character of the student and his or her dedication to commitment in clubs and community that reflect on the person as a contributing member of the adult world. The result is not from a book or a test but from the script that life has given that student to read, react and rearrange to be advantaged in a world where a person's worth is earned and recognized by their honest product of effort and time.
Mary L Deaton
Excellent response by David Coleman!
Stephen Paul Polk
While this is a positive message it does not address concerns about how tests could be taken by paid test takers in non-standard locations (ie hotels). The huge volume of SAT tests given makes it difficult to supervise, but this is an issue of concern for many parents, students, and educators.


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