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College Board Announces New Measures to Enhance SAT Security Domestically and Abroad



Wendy Krakauer
So all international students in the class of 2018 are penalized because of the actions in a few locations? This is a huge hardship, cancelling SAT testing for June 2017. Especially since it makes more sense to take subject tests in May when students are ready for AP tests as well, and then take the SAT for the first time in June. One more strike against you, College Boatd.
Lilia E. Gonzalez
This undifferentiated decision constitutes a direct affectation for our students in ASFM. I am SAT Center Supervisor and SSD Coordinator in Mexico, I recently completed the Center Master form for next school year and none of these cancellations are mentioned. I seriously disagree with this measure and I think it should be reverted for Mexico.
Rick Rodrigues
In an attempt to enhance security in response to issues that are focused in specific locations internationally, the College Board is enacting policy changes that impact international students GLOBALLY. How ludicrous! So all international students are to suffer the consequences of the decisions of some international students. How is that equitable? How is communal punishment the answer? What essentially is happening is that our students will have their access to the test diminished, only because the live outside of the USA. This blanket response is lazy and heavy-handed, and will only serve to make a significant population of test-takers suffer.
Erika toren
My own daughter is being punished because if test taking practices in Asia!! The May test was the ONLY test she can take this year and now she cannot because we are teachers in South Kore?!?! That is not fair and I would like college Board to think of the implications this has in their own "missionaries " abroad who will also now suffer!!!
I have already registered June SAT, can I still take the test or get a refund?
I have registered the June SAT, can I still take the test or would I just get a refund?
Pithcyane petchuensakul
I'm sorry, but I've registered for test in June 2017, and it got cancelled; what do I do?
Jose Manuel Rivero
Me inscribí a un curso para prepararme para el SAT en junio y para mayo no va haber terminado.No deberían de hacer esos cambios repentinamente. ¿Quién me va a pagar otro curso o regresar mi dinero? El curso que estoy tomando no va a servirme por la cancelación del SAT en junio
what the hell is wrong with this organization. Just because of a few incompetent students you decide to restrict everyone else's testing dates. What you should be regulating is the outside classes these students are taking in preparation for the SAT. These teachers are obtaining old documents that may contain future SAT questions. OR you guys could get off ur LAZY ASSES and fucking rewrite the test every month and stop fucking using the same questions on different tests. FUCK U college board, students don't deserve to receive punishment because of ur laziness.
Greyson O'Ryan
So unfair. As a result of this ham-fisted response, there are quite a few students in my neck of the woods switching to the ACT. I imagine this will be the trend for internationals in the coming years.
Subramanian Mahadevan
When can I get a refund for the SAT being cancelled in June 2017.What do you gain by doing so??!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please advise how can I make a refund for the jun test cancelation


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