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How Starbucks Serves Its Students



Tom Brantley
My employer invested in a Master's degree for me from 1989-1995 and look what happened...I just retired working for them in 2016...and am still working for them into my retirement. But I think that due to expenses of this program, which used to be 100% reimbursement followed by 5% raise upon graduation, they had to dial it back considerably. Maybe this is why aligning with one university as Starbucks has done makes good managerial sense!
With the closing of ITT tech and other for profit schools recently, has Starbucks looked to see if ASU would be affected? I don't know if the online division is separate. Is Starbucks also looking to expanding the College Achievement Plan to other schools, both physical campus and online? As a partner ASU doesn't have what I am looking for. That is what is keeping me from being another CAP user. I am looking at WGU. Is Starbucks looking at any other schools?


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