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John Quiñones Celebrates Advanced Placement® at 3rd Annual “Voices of AP” Panel



Diann Faflick
I love this quote! We need more educators to embrace this mentality and express their belief in the potential of our students for the sake of our students' future and ours. “Don’t stop striving as much as you can to get students to learn more, to dream bigger, and to become more,” John Quiñones, host of ABC’s What Would You Do?
Elizabeth "Liz" Ozuna
This session was one of the highlights of my attendance at this year's conference, especially for the comments made by the students who introduced each panelist and for the comments made by principal, Dawn Baglos. Every action she takes seems governed by a set of high expectations for all students and for doing what it takes to assure that students succeed, even against their own lack of belief in themselves.
Mahmoud Nassar
thanks for sharing this


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