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#Weneedyourlight: An invitation to the students of Africa, Haiti, and Central America



Angie Leondedis
Thank you for supporting students with global perspective and unique gifts and experiences. We MUST do better as a nation and as citizens of the world. The White House does not speak for me. #weneedyourlight
Alfonso Correa
Thank you for this important message. I"m proud to be associated with this organization.
John O'Connor
Thank You, David, for your leadership and for speaking the truth regarding all our student.
Martina Madden
Congratulations College Board for doing the right thing. Students with promise and determination deserve a world-class education. We must reject bigotry and build a better world together.
Shannon M. Geraghty
Thank you College Board for doing the right thing! I am proud to be affiliated with such an organization!!
Lisbeth Montes
Thank you for the support to students like me from Honduras, C.A.
Havva Terzi
This is amazing!


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