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Challenges and Opportunities in the College Application Process
Considering the struggling state of the economy and the rising costs associated with college, it’s no wonder that Wednesday’s “Contemporary Issues in Admission and Financial Aid” session at Forum 2015 was standing-room only.
James Gaeta, director of financial aid at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas
During this year's Forum, College Board All Access will occasionally highlight interviews with attendees to get their thoughts on the event and the work they're doing in their institutions.

As a parent attending the Trends in College Pricing and Trends in Student Aid event at Forum 2015, here are a few findings in the report that caught my eye. 


Each year, our Trends in Higher Education series provide insights into trends in college pricing and financial aid. This year’s report, released today, found that college prices continue to increase at a moderate pace and student aid remains stable. Continuing the post-recession trend, borrowing per student declined for the fourth consecutive year and was 10% lower in 2014-15 than in 2010-11.


All Access sits down with College Board’s Vice President for Higher Education Access and Strategy Connie Betterton and Executive Director for Higher Education Initiatives Anne Sturtevant to discuss “prior-prior year,” or PPY, and get to the bottom of what educators and students can expect.

Announcing New Chief of Membership, Governance, and Higher Education: Ericka Miller
The College Board is pleased to announce that Ericka Miller will become our new Chief of Membership, Governance and Higher Education. Ericka will lead our overall work in Membership, Governance, and Higher Education, ensuring effective integration and collaboration among these critical divisions. Read more about Ericka!
PPY Among Discussion Topics at College Board Joint Council Meeting

College Board’s member leaders gathered in New York City on September 27-28, shortly after the federal government announced that the FAFSA would move to use of prior-prior year (PPY) income information (families will be asked to report income from two years prior). A big question on the minds of K12 and higher ed member leaders alike was: what does PPY mean for students?

Prior-Prior Year and Higher Education Finance Models Among Topics for the 2016 Higher Ed Colloquium
FAFSA's recent shift to Prior-Prior year will be a hot topic of discussion at the 2016 Higher Ed Colloquium, taking place January 9-11 in Coronado, California. Learn more about the program, and how to register.
Angela Garcia offers students an inside look at the college planning resources available through Big Future, and provides tips about how to get started with the college planning process.

Students looking to build a career focused on helping people better manage and understand their finances have a new scholarship opportunity available to help them reach their goals.