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Colloquium 2019

Policymakers and college leaders have long touted higher education as the pathway to the middle class, the engine of opportunity that helps drive the American Dream for millions of students.


AP for All

Helping more students learn at a higher level and earn college credit in high school is an objective of all members of the AP community -– from AP teachers to district and school administrators to college professors. It takes districts to experiment with initiatives and strategies to see how they can expand access and improve student performance at the same time.

Chicago Public Schools

Alexis Hernandez, senior at Thomas Kelly High School, reflected on his Advanced Placement (AP) journey and recalled how he was the only student allowed to enroll in AP courses as a sophomore. That’s no longer the case.

David Coleman Appoints Jeremy Singer as President of the College Board

On January 9, 2019, David Coleman appointed Jeremy Singer as President of the College Board. He will continue to report into David Coleman, who will remain CEO of the College Board. 


Student scores are never held or cancelled simply because of score gains. Score reviews are triggered by a range of factors that cast doubt on the validity of a score.


In October, The College Board announced the launch of the College Board Opportunity Scholarships during an exclusive segment on Good Morning America.

College Board chief: 'There are a lot of amazing people with low SAT scores'

A recent Politico piece by Kimberly Hefling highlights David Coleman's remarks about higher education opportunities for veterans at a recent conference in Arlington, VA. Read the full piece here on All Access. 

Council of Great City Schools Conference

I had the privilege of attending this year’s Council of the Great City Schools conference in Baltimore. I was part of a team that presented on the Chicago Public Schools’ use of Official SAT Practice (OSP) on Khan Academy®.