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In 2013, the College Board’s international team welcomed 48 international secondary schools and higher education institutions as new College Board members.
David Coleman announcing the redesigned SAT on March 5 in Austin, TX
As international students prepare for the first administration of the redesigned SAT® in spring 2016, there are several things they should keep in mind. The redesign process included admission leaders from across the world, and the exam measures the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college regardless of geography. Students will encounter texts in the redesigned exam that include passages from U.S. sources as well as important international texts. Rigorous course work will be the best way to prepare for the redesigned SAT, and all students can use the free test-prep resources available from Khan Academy.
Amy Wilkins, Senior Fellow for Social Justice, The College Board

The All In campaign is a partnership between the College Board and its members to dramatically increase the number of AP-ready African American, Latino, and Native American students who enroll in college-level AP® courses. Since its launch last year, the campaign has made great strides in reaching its goal of enrolling 100 percent of students with demonstrated potential, in at least one AP course.