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The College Board is committed to the idea that students can improve through practice. Over the course of this year, we'll be talking to student-athletes about the parallels between what they need to do to achieve success in both the classroom and on the field of play. In this first chapter of an occasional diary - Learning through Practice - the College Board talked to O'Koye Parker, a senior and college-recruited basketball player at Caravel Academy in Bear, Delaware, about how he's approaching his senior year and the importance of practice to his life.

Southwestern Regional Forum 2018: Historical Context and Conversations We Need to Have

Clint Smith, a writer, teacher, poet, and doctoral candidate in education at Harvard University, brought energy, lyricism, and empathy to a weighty topic facing many educators today: understanding the historical and societal challenges facing underrepresented students and helping them find ways make their voices part of our national conversation.

Southern Regional Forum 2018: Comparing Apples to Kumquats: Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters

For students who need financial assistance, receiving a financial aid award notification is a pivotal moment on the pathway to college. A clear understanding of the financial aid notification can mean the difference between making the decision to accept an offer of admission or to decline it. Financial aid practitioners discuss best practices during the College Board's Southern Regional Forum. 

An Anne Word Cloud courtesy of Gail Holt

While Colloquium attendees had a lot of thoughts about the powerful conversations that took place this year, they had a bit more to say about the woman who might be called “the heart and soul of Colloquium”, Anne Sturtevant. 

College Board Celebrates Recent Innovations in Civic Education

Stefanie Sanford highlights efforts by iCivics and the College Board to "turn the tide on civic education"—and why it's essential to the health of our nation.

Western Forum 2018: Words of Wisdom from University of California President Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona and current president of the University of California, spoke at the College Board's 2018 Western Regional Forum about the leading issues, challenges, and opportunities facing K-12 and higher education systems.

AP Day Under the Gold Dome: Georgia Students Advocate for Increased AP Access

On January 25, more than a hundred Georgia AP students visited the State Capitol for the second annual Georgia AP Day on the Hill. 

Johns Hopkins University Press Releases Measuring Success: Testing, Grades and the Future of College Admissions

Johns Hopkins University Press Releases Measuring Success: Testing, Grades and the Future of College Admissions. The new volume explores the research and policy implications of test-optional practices, considering both sides of the debate.

New Data Show More NYC Students of All Backgrounds Taking Advantage of the SAT

The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) announced Thursday that a record-high number of juniors took the SAT, thanks in large part to the first year of the citywide SAT School Day. The College Board joined NYC DOE at the Hamilton Grande School in Harlem to recognize this achievement.