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The College Board Readiness and Success System

The College Board Readiness and Success System is an integrated system for states and districts that makes it easier to help students navigate a path through high school, college, and career. Through four components — focused assessments, free personalized practice, support for students' pursuit of higher education, and the expansion of career opportunities — the College Board Readiness and Success System enables students to take ownership of their learning and achievement.

Focused Assessments

The College Board Readiness and Success System includes a focused, useful, and clear suite of assessments that reflects what students are already learning in classrooms and provides educators everything they need to help students improve over time.

The SAT Suite of Assessments:

  • Focuses on the knowledge and skills that evidence shows matter most.
  • Provides benchmarks and consistent feedback on student progress.
  • Is clear and transparent, with test specifications and sample items available online.

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Personalized Practice

Through the College Board’s partnership with Khan Academy, the College Board Readiness and Success System has removed barriers to high-quality practice by providing free, personalized, and focused SAT practice resources to all students.

Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy links to classroom learning and helps teachers guide students to:

  • Review any knowledge gaps shown in their PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, or SAT results.
  • Make use of personalized, skills-based SAT practice.
  • Build familiarity with the SAT format, question styles, and testing experience.

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College Opportunity

The College Board Readiness and Success System removes barriers to applying to and paying for college, helping students take advantage of the college opportunities they’ve earned.

Through College Board programs and initiatives, the system:

  • Expands student access to scholarships.
  • Offers data and tools to identify students likely to succeed in AP.
  • Provides SAT and AP Program fee waivers as well as college application fee waivers to eligible students.

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Career Opportunity

The College Board Readiness and Success System expands career opportunities by giving students access to career exploration and planning tools. It also support schools and districts in delivering the skills that matter most for jobs of the future, with a strong focus on STEM education.

The system's intiatives to support career opportunities includes:

  • College Board partnerships with organizations that help students explore and plan for careers.
  • Programs that increase access to instruction in coding and the STEM disciplines.
  • An emphasis in the SAT Suite of Assessments on the skills that enhance careers.

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