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Schools Under Review

When a school submits requests for accommodations on College Board exams, such as the SAT, AP Exams, PSAT/NMSQT, or PSAT 10, it verifies that its students' disability documentation aligns with the College Board's eligibility and documentation guidelines. In some cases, the College Board reviews a school's process for verifying documentation. 

Why Schools Are Selected for Review

The College Board’s decision to review a school’s documentation is based on various indicators. Schools likely to be reviewed include the following:

  • Schools that are not special purpose institutions for students with disabilities but whose College Board test-takers include a very high proportion of test-takers approved for accommodations
  • Schools with a high incidence of certain accommodations most appropriate for students with severe or multiple disabilities
  • Schools with a high incidence of accommodations for a particular disability

After the Documentation Review

When a school's verification process is not fully aligned with our guidelines, the College Board will take these steps:

  • Provide technical assistance.
  • Review student documentation that supports requested accommodations on College Board exams.
  • Explain the College Board's eligibility criteria and documentation guidelines.

After a time, the College Board may determine that the school's process is aligned with the guidelines, in which case the school can resume its documentation verification responsibilities.

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