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Tips & FAQs

Did You Know?

  • Receiving school accommodations does not guarantee College Board approval of your request — however, in most cases, students are approved for the same accommodations they receive in school.
  • It can take seven weeks to process a request.
  • Students must have a documented disability to be eligible.
  • Once approved, students need to take steps to ensure accommodations are in place on test day.

Submitting a request for testing accommodations on College Board exams is a team effort involving students, families, educators, and evaluators. The fastest, most efficient way to get approval from Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) is through SSD Online, which is available only to educators. Families can take advantage of SSD Online by working with their school.

SSD’s tips and FAQs provide advice, answer questions, and point you in the right direction.

Student & Family Tips: Information on forming effective partnerships with school SSD Coordinators to get approval of needed accommodations and ensure everything goes smoothly on test day.

Educator Tips: Advice on working with others to streamline the process and get approval of the most appropriate accommodations for each student.

Evaluator Tips: An overview of documentation requirements for doctors and others who have been asked to provide documentation in support of a student’s accommodation request.

FAQs: Answers to questions about accommodation requests, documentation, and SSD Online.

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