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The partnership marks the next stage in the College Board’s digital evolution

AP Rural Access Gap Substantially Narrowing
A new report from the Education Commission of the States and the College Board documents how as rural student participation on AP Exams has increased, performance has not declined.
Practice Pays Off: Jazmín Regalado (Fort Sumner, NM)

In an article titled “Student Shows Improving Standardized Test Scores Takes Practice, Not Money,” NBC News profiled Jazmín Regalado—a rising senior, student athlete, and aspiring medical student from New Mexico—who used Official SAT Practice to boost her test scores by hundreds of points.

Five Districts Win First Official SAT Practice Challenge

The first-ever Official SAT Practice All In Challenge—from the College Board, the Council of the Great City Schools, and Khan Academy—aimed to boost college and career readiness in the nation’s largest urban public school systems. 

Bringing Official SAT Practice to Rural and Small Towns

Allen Pratt, executive director of the National Association for Rural Education, recently talked with RFD-TV about the launch of California’s Official SAT Practice Rural and Small Town Challenge. 

APAC Got a Wild Start

Cheryl Strayed, best-known for her New York Times bestseller, WILD, spoke to this year's AP Annual Conference attendees about her struggles in college and what they taught her.

AP Announces Expanded Student, Teacher Supports and Khan Practice for 2019

During his plenary at this year's AP Annual Conference, Trevor Packer announced a new system of resources and supports designed to achieve the program’s fundamental goal: empowering students and supporting teachers to achieve genuine success. 


We know that access to the internet is still not a given for all students, particularly for low-income students and those in rural areas. A new ConnectHome post takes on the "homework gap" and how access to technology can make all the difference for successfully navigating the college admission process. 

Cynthia Schmeiser, Senior Advisor to the President at the College Board, poses for a photo with Robert Brennan, E. F. Lindquist chair in measurement and Testing, Emeritus at the University of Iowa College of Education.

Tim Moses, Chief Pychometrician at College Board, has been named the first Robert L. Brennan Chair of Psychometric Research at the College Board, a nationally-recognized, not-for-profit organization focused on expanding access to higher education. 

Summer Institute for International Counselors Focuses on Access, Culture and Heritage

A College Board summer intern, Keanine Griggs, shares reflections from this year's week-long Summer Institute for International Counselors in New York City.