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Your Solution to Financial Aid Management

PowerFAIDS® is a comprehensive, customizable software solution that automates your financial aid process. It allows institutions to efficiently and equitably administer financial aid, eliminating hours of paperwork and allowing for more student interaction.

PowerFAIDS gives financial aid professionals the information and tools they need for smarter, faster service while making sure they are in compliance with the latest federal requirements. The easy-to-use software allows professionals to manage the full range of institutional aid programs.

You can rely on PowerFAIDS to:

Create and update student records
There are multiple ways to maintain student records and import data from other campus information systems.

Track applications, generate letters, and communicate electronically
You can check records and generate email and letters to students and parents directly from the system, which tracks those events in a communication log.

Calculate student budgets automatically
It’s easy to create expense budgets globally and make adjustments to individual budgets.

Generate and receive federal data
You can load, process, and adjust data in Institutional Student Information Records and view National Student Loan Data System data.

Perform need analysis
PowerFAIDS draws from the Institutional Need Analysis System (INAS) to perform calculations using Federal Methodology and the College Board’s Institutional Methodology.

Manage funds
PowerFAIDS lets you create and track an unlimited number of financial aid funds.

Package student aid awards, individually or in batches
You can simulate outcomes and adjust parameters as needed.

Process federal funds
PowerFAIDS automates Pell Grant calculations, reporting, reconciliation, and communication, and works with the U.S. Department of Education’s Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) system.

Disburse funds
You can schedule awards for automatic disbursement and run federal eligibility checks before authorizing payments.

Process Student Loans
PowerFAIDS lets you create and transmit both Federal Direct and alternative loan applications via XML and CommonLine.

Create custom reports
You can use one of PowerFAIDS’s premade report formats or easily create your own without IT intervention. You’ll also get support for major industry reports such as the Fiscal Operations Report (FISAP) and Application to Participate, and the Common Data Set survey.

PowerFAIDS can be customized to fit the needs of any institution, no matter how large or small. Comprehensive training and expert support is available as well as a unique user community. Enter the PowerFAIDS Resource Center using your email address and password. Don’t have an account? Learn how to sign up for one here.

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