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PowerFAIDS® Net Partner

Net Partner is an auxiliary program that creates a Web portal for your students to see information and interact with PowerFAIDS. Net Partner allows students to log onto a password-protected page to access their financial aid information online anytime and from any computer. Net Partner is economical and can be implemented quickly and easily.

Net Partner also lets institutions customize the look and feel of the portal for continuity with the rest of website. Other key benefits include:

  • A higher level of student self-service, reducing the number of phone calls and emails to staff
  • Different levels of access for different student populations
  • Students can update selected portions of their own records
  • Using SAML, the Security Assertion Markup Language, institutions can offer single sign-on to Net Partner with many of the leading authentication methods.

With Net Partner, students can:

  • Accept and decline awards
  • Complete an online institutional application and submit answers directly to the PowerFAIDS database
  • View information on scheduled and actual disbursement dates
  • View detailed information from their records for multiple award years
  • Read year-specific financial aid information as provided in custom content
  • Download PDFs or other documents