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Our Leadership

  • Portrait of Steve Bumbaugh

    Steve Bumbaugh

    Senior Vice President, College and Career Access

    Steve directs efforts that ensure all students can access and maximize college and career opportunities.

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  • Portrait of Steven Colón

    Steven Colón

    Vice President, Access to Opportunity

    Steven Colón leads our Access to Opportunity efforts to increase the college-going rates of low-income college-ready students.

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  • Portrait of Robert Gordon

    Robert Gordon

    Senior Vice President, Finance and Global Strategy

    Robert Gordon leads strategy, finance and international efforts for the College Board, working to ensure our programs and investments enable more students to achieve college and career success.

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  • Portrait of Todd Huston

    Todd Huston

    Senior Vice President, State and District Partnerships

    Todd Huston oversees our regional offices and state and district partnerships.

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  • Portrait of John McGrath

    John McGrath

    Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing

    John McGrath leads all communications and marketing efforts of the organization.

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  • Portrait of James Montoya

    James Montoya

    Chief of Membership, Governance, and Global Higher Education and Secretary of the Corporation

    Jim leads our membership, governance, and global higher education teams, managing large-scale, high-impact initiatives that promote equity and access for all students.

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  • Portrait of Jeff Olson

    Jeff Olson

    Vice President, Chief Data Officer

    Jeff Olson is responsible for ensuring that data supports all our student-centered efforts.

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  • Portrait of Trevor Packer

    Trevor Packer

    Senior Vice President, AP and Instruction

    Trevor Packer leads the AP® Program and related instructional programs and services.

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  • Portrait of Stefanie Sanford

    Stefanie Sanford

    Chief of Global Policy, Advocacy & Communications

    Stefanie Sanford leads advocacy initiatives for students with policymakers, public and private institutions, and organizations.

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  • Portrait of Cyndie Schmeiser

    Cyndie Schmeiser

    Chief of Assessment

    Cyndie Schmeiser oversees all research and assessment work for the organization.

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  • Portrait of Peter Schwartz

    Peter Schwartz

    Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

    Peter leads our legal, human resources, and administrative functions.

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  • Portrait of Dorothy Sexton

    Dorothy Sexton

    Vice President, Strategic Governance

    Dorothy Sexton is responsible for completing the successful revision of the Bylaws.

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  • Portrait of Terri Shaw

    Terri Shaw

    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

    Terri Shaw oversees all aspects of technology and operations for the organization.

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  • Portrait of Matthew Wagner

    Matthew Wagner

    Chief of Staff

    Matt serves as chief of staff to the College Board's president, David Coleman. He works with the President and senior leadership to manage and execute the organization's strategic objectives.

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  • Portrait of Amy Wilkins

    Amy Wilkins

    Senior Fellow for Social Justice

    Amy Wilkins designs and leads our social justice agenda.

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