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Contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) with questions or concerns or to request copies of the forms listed below. Paper Student Eligibility Forms are not available online but can be obtained by contacting SSD.

Request-Initiation Forms

Parent Consent Form (.pdf/194KB)
Parent Consent Form - Spanish (.pdf/87KB)
This form must be signed by a parent or guardian (or the student, if over 18) before an SSD Coordinator opens a request for accommodations using SSD Online.

Student Eligibility Form (.pdf/148KB)
The fastest and most efficient way to get approval for College Board accommodations is to work with your school. Schools should submit accommodation requests through SSD Online.  The Student Eligibility Form may be used by home-schooled students and by families who wish to submit a request for accommodations without the involvement of their school. See Submitting Requests Without Your School for more information.

Instructions for Completing the Student Eligibility Form
General instructions for completing the Student Eligibility Form.

Teacher Survey on Student's Classroom Learning Behavior (.pdf/240KB)
This supplement helps educators substantiate a student's need for accommodations. The survey collects qualitative information documenting the nature and degree of the student’s daily school-based functional limitations in subject areas such as reading, writing, and math as caused by the diagnosed disability. It also collects information related to the student's use of requested accommodations and the effectiveness of those accommodations.

Request for Support for Students with Temporary Physical/Medical Conditions (.pdf/406KB)
Use this form for students with temporary medical conditions, such as broken arms. Accommodations are available under limited circumstances only.

SSD Coordinator Forms

SSD Coordinator Sign-Up (.pdf/216KB)
Educators can fax or mail this form to become SSD Coordinators for their school and get access to SSD Online. It can also be used to notify us of any changes to coordinator names and contact information.

SSD Coordinators request testing accommodations and administer in-school tests with accommodations. Every school should designate at least one SSD Coordinator. If your school has multiple coordinators, designate one as the primary contact.

SSD School-Based Testing Payment Authorization Form (.pdf/297KB)
SSD coordinators administering the SAT with school-based accommodations during the weekend or when school is not in session, or who hire non-school staff to administer the test, must use this form to request payment. Complete, sign, and enclose this form in the purple envelope, and return it with the used answer sheet shipment immediately after testing ends to receive payment of honoraria.

Change-Request Forms

Accommodations Change Request (.pdf/329KB)
Use this form to request changes to accommodations currently being received on College Board exams. Changes include adding or removing a previously approved accommodation. Please complete and submit the Accommodations Change Request form along with disability documentation that meets College Board guidelines. A signature from the SSD coordinator and the parent/guardian (for students under 18 years of age) is needed to complete the form.

Request for Student Name Change (.pdf/245KB)
This is for SSD students who require changes to the spelling of their name. For significant name changes (different first name or different last name), include a valid photograph with the student’s name and a copy of a form of identification. See directions on the form for acceptable forms of identification. Do not use a cover sheet when faxing this form.

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