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SSD Online

The College Board’s SSD Online is the fastest and most accurate way to request and manage accommodations for students with disabilities.

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To submit and manage requests for accommodations, schools designate one or more SSD Coordinators. Educators: Find out how to request access. 

How to Use SSD Online

Parents and Students

Benefit from SSD Online by working with your school to request accommodations. Get an overview of the request process.

Get step-by-step instructions on:

The Benefits of Using SSD Online

The online accommodations management system walks educators through the request process, asking questions and providing instructions along the way. In addition to requesting accommodations, schools use SSD Online to:

  • Get immediate notice of request errors and documentation requirements, tailored to each student’s individual request.
  • Upload documentation for College Board review.
  • Check the status of accommodation requests.
  • Generate and print AP and PSAT/NSMQT Nonstandard Administration Reports (NARs).
  • Access a list of all students who have requested accommodations and their approved accommodations.
  • Access other information about all SSD students in one place.

Learn how educators get access to SSD Online.

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College Board staff present “Understanding the College Board Accommodations Process” to educators.

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Get the forms you need to request access to SSD Online, get parental consent, help students with temporary medical conditions, and more.

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