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College Board: Delivering Opportunity and the Redesigned SAT

rSAT Home 2: Changes to the SAT

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A Letter from Our Team

David Coleman and Cyndie Schmeiser announce newly available sample questions and test specifications for the redesigned SAT.
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rSAT Home 2: Delivering Opportunity

rSAT Home 2: Leader React

Leaders React

Leaders describe the redesigned SAT's impact on students and teachers.

“This is a clear message that good hard work is going to pay off and achievement is going to pay off. This is one of the most significant developments that I have seen in the 40-plus years that I’ve been working in admissions in higher education.”

— William R. Fitzsimmons,
Dean of Admissions,
Harvard University

“It's really exciting that students will be asked to read real documents and offer evidence to support their perception. And the math will now focus on areas that will be helpful for admissions officers and students as they got through high school.”

— Pam Horne,
Associate Vice Provost
for Enrollment Management
and Dean of Admissions,
Purdue University

rSAT Home 2: What This Means for You

What This Means for You

Whether you’re a student, teacher, counselor, or enrollment director, we have the information you need to prepare for the redesigned SAT.