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Score Report Plus

In December, students’ paper score reports are shipped to schools, and schools distribute them to their students. The paper score report — or Score Report Plus — helps students understand their scores and gives personalized feedback on how they performed. It is intended to help students improve their skills and prepare for college.

The following elements appear on Score Report Plus.

Your Scores

To learn more about section scores, score ranges, average scores, and percentiles, go to Understanding PSAT/NMSQT Scores.

Section Scores

The three sections of the PSAT/NMSQT— critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills — are each scored on a scale of 20 to 80.

Score Range

Score ranges show the extent to which a student's score might change with repeated testing, assuming that the student's skill level remains the same. Scores in the same range are similar.


A student’s percentile indicates the percentage of test-takers from a particular grade that scored below that student’s score.

National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) and Your Selection Index

NMSC uses the Selection Index score in this section as an initial screening of the students who enter its recognition and scholarship program. Reported on a scale ranging from 60 to 240, the Selection Index is the sum of the critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills scores. Read about the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Your Skills

This section provides test-takers with feedback on specific skills based on their test performance. Students can see where they performed well and what areas they need to improve.

Your Answers

This section lists the student’s answer, the correct answer, and the difficulty level for each question. In My College QuickStartTM, a personalized online tool, students can improve their skills by looking up test questions they answered incorrectly, reviewing thorough answer explanations, and by trying related SAT practice questions.

Next Steps

The unique access code here gives students online access to their personalized My College QuickStart, where they can take advantage of personalized SAT preparation, take a free personality test, and see which AP courses they have the most potential to succeed in.

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